GAME CLOUD NETWORK has brought together global leaders in advertising, enterprise media, and gaming to create a revolutionary way to authentically engage modern consumers.

In the press

Turning games into brand experiences

Consumers engage with your products on their terms, a more valuable and sustainable method of marketing. Games are leveraged to build participation, brand trust and ultimately, loyalty, because the advertising is in-game and unobtrusive.

  • In-Game Placement
    Dynamic in game placement to reach your desired audience.
  • Branded Digital Goods
    Apply your brand to virtual goods and reach a new audience
  • Custom Channels
    Create your promotions to meet your brand objectives

Game Cloud Network Offerings

Game Cloud Network enables significant opportunities for user engagement, brand exposure, & other valuable platform resources.

Technology Services

Seasoned team of experts and mature process to handle your porting needs so you can sleep at night. We offer a single source solution to efficiently bring all catalog titles and your forward publishing roadmap to all applicable platforms.


Our roadmap of 1st and 3rd party games combined with our cutting-edge Brand Engagement Platform offer compelling new sponsorship opportunities for your brand.

The Platform

Deep Esports integration, Branded Digital Goods, Merchandising, Loyalty Programs, Campaign tools, Analytics & Sponsorship Opportunities.

Game design experts to elevate your brand story & drive results

We're on a mission to create the world's largest brand engagement network, empowering you to reach and monetize consumers. Our team understands how to harness the power of games to create extraordinary customer engagement that is both compelling and measurable.


5G & Edge Support

Game Cloud Network is the first platform in the world to support game servers on the edge, whether it's a massive esports event, or just a few friends playing after school,
cutting edge social tools help build community and allow you to join the conversation in an authentic way.

Tap and Field

  • Coming 2020

  • Sponsorship Opportunities Available

  • Featured at the AT&T Summit & Microsoft Ignite Show

Video games is the next media platform.